Development of Effective Teaching & Learning in a Changing World

GDN-SUST brings out a seminar on Development of Effective teaching and learning in a changing world.

*******OPEN TO ALL********
TIME: 03 PM 06 PM

**Historical perspectives on the creation of University and its expansion throughout the world
**Strategic dimensions of teaching and learning in knowledge base society (modern trends, post modern challenges)

**Development of appropriate teaching styles and teaching methods (pedagogical challenges, teachers’ engagement in learning process,
teaching ethics, lecture & lecturing)

**Engagement of students in learning process (learning styles; effective ways to support students, measuring student motivation, transforming learners through different learning processes)

**Key aspects of classroom management in changing study behavior, motivation and attitudes of learners (creating learning community)

**Methodology for developing the professionalization of university teaching

**Aligning teaching, learning and assessment with learning outcomes in changing society and global needs

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Md Ariful Islam
Department of IPE, SUST
Former Head, Dept of IPE,
Former Head, Dept of MEE

Profile on relevant field:
-Worked in a research project on “Teaching-Learning in Engineering Education-” in the University of Auckland, New Zealand
-Conducted research on “ Building Scenario of Teaching-Learning and Learning Outcomes in Public University in Bangladesh- A Case study in Shahjalal University of Science and Technology”
-Participated in the 2nd International CDIO (Conceive Design Implement and Operate) Conference in Sweden, 2006, organized by CDIO Organization consists of more than 120 schools around the world organized into 7 regions; Europe, North America, Asia, UK-Ireland, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and Africa, The CDIO Initiative: A worldwide collaborative to conceive and develop a new vision of engineering education.
-Published three research articles on “Teaching-learning in Higher Education” in International Journals
-Experienced in Teaching-Learning in top ranked international universities in Singapore and New Zealand