Life Hacks (Phase II)

Are you going to graduate this year?
Or are you curious about the fields in the market?
Do you want to stay ahead than everyone?

Graduate Development Network- SUST brings to you ‘Life Hacks (Phase II)’ after the success of ‘Life Hacks’.
Most fresh graduates don’t know what path should they choose now; What the future has for them; What their next steps should be.
This program is solely for them. Even if you are not a fresh graduate, you are mostly welcome. Come and stay ahead of everyone.

Here we are going to have a workshop on the do’s and don’ts after graduation; Prospects in Bangladesh and foreign countries; Career Hacks for better career; How to grab market opportunities and many more.

You shall be guided by,
Dr. Mohammad Shahidur Rahman Sir, Honorable Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology.
The workshop starts at sharp 3.00 PM on Saturday (20.07.2019)

Come and Join ‘Life Hacks (Phase II)” to be enlightened on the opportunities that await you.