What We Do

Measures for developing various skills of one’s own

The Spaces

Events that Graduate Development Network-SUST does often


Workshop on Graphics Design


Conquer Your Career Seminar


National Skills Competition

What We Have for Members

We try to develop these skills through practice in different ways

Public Speaking​

share thoughts of the striking way of speaking publicly and seeking the attention of audience​

Software Skills

gather new skills on software and experience end-to-end learning & hone your technical skills​

Job Preparation

provides and share important tactics on this enchanting job sectors

Leadership Skills

learn how to time management. Prioritizing through to-do and to-don't, multi-tasking through real-life projects

Corporate Grooming

share thoughts how to make adjustment with different types of people in corporate world


arrange different types internal workshop based on soft skills

Organisational skills

practice strong organizational skills which are important for a variety of reasons

Study Abroad

share important thoughts and hacks on higher study opportunities and one may able to choose the right varsity


arrangement of various skill development based seminars

Our Mission

GDN-SUST’s motto is ‘Developing Thyself’. And with this motto GDN-SUST is going forward. GDN-SUST wants to organize more programs which will help and motivate the general students so that the latent skills of the students get evaluated.

A nation is only as good as its people’s skills and capabilities.

Together, let’s move SUST Graduates forward!

Our mandate is to raise high potential graduates & prepare tomorrow’s corporate leaders today!

First priority is to create a linkup between our student life & after graduation life.
Using research tools, proven strategies & doing in-house programs, we aim to proffer impactful & long term solutions to SUST graduates professionalism problems.

The scope is huge, and the time is NOW!

Let’s develop thyself.